Nemáme slov a žádné pochopení pro španělské zákonodárce … je toto ještě v dnešní době možné?!

Yesterday was a black day for animal welfare in Spain, the Government signed an agreement where both parties promised dignity for all animals. In what will be the “ National Animal Protection Act“ the animal welfare law was passed but have excluded the bulls tortured at bull festivities, the millions of animals riddled by hunters, the ones used for animal testing, the ones considered production, such as executed in slaughterhouses, some horses, those used in pilgrimages, dolphins and hunting dogs. What this means Podencos and Galgos plus many other animals in Spain, are not protected they are in a worse position than before.

Thousands of people in Spain protested against this, their voice was loud and clear yet it was ignored. The vote although by a small margin, was in favour to exclude so many animals. The fate of Podencos and Galgos was decided by a small number of people. What was needed for them was more protection, but they don’t consider them worthy of this.

A quote from Reuters .. “The hunting industry in Spain is worth an estimated 5 Billion Euros a year, the Royal Spanish Hunting Federation argued that some sections of the bill, aimed at reducing the number of abandoned animals, would in practice legislate the disappearance of hunting with dogs.”

I despair with what is happening in this world, all animals they have every right to live on this planet and we the human race should be there to protect them. Yet they are abused tortured in the millions every year, where there is profit, animals will always be exploited. Has much has we fight to save them, it is a impossible battle, the numbers are over whelming.

Rescue is in crisis, resources are stretched to the limit and this is a massive blow to the work they do. The abuse and abandonment will contine and thousands of Podencos and Galgos will pay with their lives, the future for them is bleak.

ZDROJ: fcb skupina Podenco friends, 10.2.2023